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GM SULLIVAN CONTROLS Temperature & Process Control Experts

GM Sullivan Controls has many years of experience with high tech semiconductor process control applications. In addition to the many aspects of temperature control, such as 3-zone tube temp control, we've been involved with MOCVD sequencing controls, Thermco retrofits, gas panels and controls, etc. An example is the following, the TEMP-PRO, which can be a direct replacement for the Analok control. TEMP-PRO is a 3-zone temperature control module for semiconductor furnaces. It provides state-of-the-art performance and flexibility.
TEMP-PRO can be used in various configurations - such as master programmer/ controller with 2 slaves; independant controllers; with digital outputs to coordinate gas flows, digital comms to a supervisory computer or high level operator station, etc.
TEMP-PRO control is ideal for the retrofit of Thermco and other furnaces. The control system utilizes recognized Eurotherm controllers and other standard components to insure years of easier maintenance.