GM Sullivan Controls - TEMP-PRO

TEMP-PRO is a 3-zone temperature control module for semiconductor furnaces. It provides state-of-the-art performance and flexibility.

TEMP-PRO can be used in various configurations - such as master programmer/ controller with 2 slaves; independant controllers; with digital outputs to coordinate gas flows, digital comms to a supervisory computer or high level operator station, etc.

TEMP-PRO control is ideal for the retrofit of Thermco and other furnaces. The control system utilizes recognized Eurotherm controllers and other standard components to insure years of easier maintenance.

SpecView supervisory software is available as the SCADA product for engineers that want to spend time on their own jobs. Easy to use supervisory system which is very operator friendly. We can provide standard screens with data logging and other powerful features.

Systems, Repair, Service, Calibration
Systems. We can offer top quality retrofit installation. Improve your control to as good or better than when the system was new. We also can provide service - consulting, contract basis, emergency repair.


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